0.99 ct I VS2 Diamond Ring

  • Description: Solitaire Diamond Ring
  • Carat: 0.99cts
  • Colour: I
  • Clarity: vs2
  • Certified by EGL SA
  • Shape: Round Brilliant
  • Alloy: 18t White Gold

1.51 ct Pink Cushion Cut Diamond Ring

Original price was: R290,000.00.Current price is: R190,000.00.
  • Description: Cushion cut diamond ring
  • Centre diamond: 1.51cts
  • GIA Certified: 2175277426
  • Colour: Natural fancy brown-Pink
  • Clarity: Si
  • Shape: Cushion cut
  • Smalls: 30 x dia's = 1.00ct fancy pink and white VS round brilliant cut
  • Alloy: 18kt White & Rose Gold

5.57 ct Diamond pendant

  • Art deco diamond pendant
  • 18ct White gold
  • 5.57ct Brilliant cut diamond
  • GIA Certified - 2307388644
  • Surrounded by 28 round brilliant cut diamonds  weighing in approximately 0.60cts H/I colour VS/SI Quality
  • 6 Baguette cut diamonds, 4 measuring 4.60mm x 2.0mm and 2 measuring 4.50mm x 2.0mm  H/I colour VS quality
  • Total mass 17.11 grams

5.83ct Blue Sapphire Diamond Ring

  • Description: Blue sapphire & diamond dress ring
  • Centre stone: 5.83ct
  • EGL Certified: 180411860
  • Colour: Blue
  • Clarity: Slightly Included
  • Shape: Oval
  • Smalls: 12 x 0.08ct = 0.96ct F/G Vs Round brilliant cut diamonds
  • Alloy: 18kt White gold

Canadian Ammolite Yellow Gold Ring

  • Description: Canadian Ammolite yellow gold ring
  • Alloy: 14kt Yellow Gold

Chopard Floating Diamond Gold Pendant

  • Description: Chopard Floating Diamond Gold Pendant and Chain
  • Alloy: 18ct Yellow Gold (16.4 grams)
  • Diamond:5 x 0.02ct D vvs1 Round Brilliant
  • Chopard Hallmarks on Pendant, Chain and Glass
  • Condition: Excellent

Designer Gold Ring

  • Description: Designer Gold Ring
  • Alloy: 18kt Yellow Gold

Diamond Engagement and Wedding Ring Set

  • Description: Diamond Engagement & wedding ring set
  • Main Diamond: 0.32cts Princess cut
  • colour: G
  • Clarity: si1
  • Smalls 12 x 0.01cts = 0.12cts
  • Alloy: 18kt White gold
  • Matching Diamond Band Included

Four Drop Ruby & Diamond Necklace

  • Description: Ruby & Diamond Necklace
  • 18kt white gold
  • 4 x Red Rudy weighing Approx 5.00cts each
  • Size: 9mm x 7mm
  • Diamonds: 58 x round brilliant cut diamonds = 3.60cts

Gold & Diamond Necklace

  • Description: Ladies Gold & Diamond Necklace
  • Alloy: 18ct Yellow Gold (51.1grams)
  • Diamond: 0.50ct F vvs1 Round Brilliant

Gold and Platinum Elephant Hair Bangle

Original price was: R65,000.00.Current price is: R58,000.00.
  • Description: Gold and platinum elephant hair bangle
  • Manufactured by Charles Greig jewellers
  • Brand new item
  • Alloy: 18kt Rose gold and platinum
  • Total weight 62.8 grams

IWC Ring Watch

  • Description: IWC Ring Watch
  • Alloy: 18kt Yellow gold

Mandela Two Ounce Gold Coin Set

  • Description: Nelson Mandela Gold Coin Set
  • Alloy: Two Ounce Pure Gold (62.2 grams)
  • Wooden Box Set With Leaflet
  • Condition: New

Natura Rhino Gold Coin Set

  • Description: Natura Rhino Gold Coin Set
  • Contents: One Ounce Pure Gold Coin, Half Ounce Pure Gold Coin, Pure Silver Rhino With Diamond
  • Alloy: 24ct Gold Totalling 46.63 grams And Silver Totalling 12 grams
  • Box Set
  • Collectors Item

Peridot Earrings

  • Description: Peridot Earrings
  • 2 x 1.65cts Green Peridot Gemstones
  • Fine Quality
  • 18kt yellow gold

Prince Charles And Lady Diana Marriage Set

  • Description: Prince Charles And Lady Diana Marriage Set
  • Contents: 18ct Gold Bar (27.57 grams) And Stamp
  • Alloy: 18ct gold (27.57 grams)
  • Box Set
  • Collectors Item

Rose Gold and Silver Bangle

Original price was: R35,000.00.Current price is: R30,000.00.
  • Description: Rose gold and silver twisted ropes
  • Manufactured by Charles Greig Jewellers
  • Brand new item
  • Alloy: 18kt Rose gold and silver (56.3 grams)
  • Total weight 56.3 grams

Ruby & Diamond Earrings

  • Description: Ruby & Diamond Earrings
  • 18kt white gold
  • 2 x Red Rudy weighing Approx 5.00cts each
  • Size: 9mm x 7mm
  • Diamonds: 26 x round brilliant cut diamonds = 1.06cts