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Diamonds are not only a ladies best friend, they’re ours too.

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Round Brilliant Cut Diamond


This is the most popular cut of diamond and offers great flexibility within the four C’s. If you have higher grade quality round brilliant cut diamonds, contact us for the best offer.

Princess Cut Diamond


Princess cut diamonds are popular thanks to the overall colour dispersion not only in the center, but in the corners as well. We trade in both square and rectangular shapes.

Marquise Cut Diamond


The unique shape of the marquise cut diamond maximises carat weight by emphasising the size of the diamond. To get the best price in Cape Town contact us now.

Cushion Cut Diamond Ring


We accept square and rectangular shape cushion cut diamonds, also referred to as pillow-cut diamonds. If you want to sell your cushion cut diamonds, let us make you an offer first.

Emerald Cut Diamond Ring


Emerald cut diamonds showcase the original clarity thanks to the large rectangular table making inclusions and colour more vibrant. Get the best price available for your Emerald diamonds.

Radiant Cut Diamond Ring


As Cape Towns leading diamond buyers we love the unique style of radiant cut diamonds. If you have loose or set radiant diamonds to sell, contact us for the best deal available.

Pear Shaped Diamond Ring


These uniquely cut diamonds are shaped to produce maximum brilliance and if cut in perfect symmetry may fetch excellent prices. If you’re interested in selling yours, contact us now.

Oval Cut Diamond Ring


The classic oval cut diamonds are most frequently used in engagement rings. As a result they are easy to match with other jewellery and have good resale value. Contact us for a free quote.

Asscher Cut Diamond Ring


The Asscher cut diamonds were created in the early 1920’s and are experiencing a resurgence in popularity. If you want to sell your Asccher cut diamonds in Cape Town, contact us now.


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Please remember to bring the following when visiting us with your diamonds…

  • Grading certificate if available
  • Original receipt if available

Next time when you ask “where can I sell my diamonds in Cape Town?”, you’ll know the answer.

Why Anthony Alan?

As you might imagine, selling your diamonds can be risky business.

You certainly don’t want to take a chance with a classified ad site, too many things can go wrong.

When dealing in high value items security is of utmost importance.

With Anthony Alan your diamonds will be assessed in a safe surrounding by experienced professionals.

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