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How to Sell My Rolex Watch FAQ’s 

Below is a list of the most common questions we receive when people are looking to sell their Rolex watches. If you require more specific help, contact us today. 

Where can I sell Rolex watches near me?

There are a variety of ways to sell your Rolex watch but some are better than others. 

For example, you could visit a local Pawn Shop but stats show they offer very low prices. You can try a free classified site like Gumtree, but then you risk dealing with strangers and you’ll have an expensive timepiece in your hand that could put you at risk of being robbed. 

If you live in Cape Town and the surrounds you can visit us at our secure offices, conveniently located at The Studios, 4 Loop Street.

How do I sell my Rolex watch?

You can sell your Rolex watch in 3 easy steps: 

  1. Enquire for a Free Quote
  2. Visit our Secure Office
  3. Get Paid Instantly

Anthony Alan offers the best price for your Rolex watch in Cape Town and our friendly experts provide a professional setting to conduct business. 


Known as the yardstick in divers watches, the Submariner was first produced in 1953 and displayed at the Basel Watch Fair in 1954. This iconic Rolex is arguably the most popular too.


Originally built to meet the needs of race car drivers, this chronograph timepiece measures elapsed time and will calculate average speed whilst looking the part on your wrist.


The self-winding Datejust model by Rolex was first launched in 1945 and today exists in case sizes from 28mm to 41mm and available in solid gold, two-tone gold, and stainless steel.


The Yacht-Master was first introduced in the early nineties and available in a mid-size men’s model, the first time Rolex ever produced a smaller professional size watch.


Rolex terms the Sky-Dweller the watch for world travellers and was the first watch in the classic category to include a high-performance elastomer bracelet.


The GMT-Master is known as the cosmopolitan watch and was designed to show the time in two different time-zones simultaneously, originally developed for global travellers.

When is the best time to sell a Rolex?

Pre-owned Rolex watches are in high demand so whether you’re looking to sell and upgrade your Submariner to a Cerachrom model, or are liquidising assets, we can get you the best price at the moment. 

We can also advise you on market price fluctuations and which Rolex models hold their value best, all part of the premium experience you receive when buying or selling Rolex watches with Anthony Alan. 

How can I get the best price for my Rolex?

The first place to start is to write down the serial and model numbers of your watch.

This will give us a better understanding of your timepiece when providing you with a telephonic quote. 

Next is to bring us the Rolex you want to sell. 

Factors that influence the price

  • Watch condition
  • Original packaging
  • Sales receipts
  • Warranty papers
  • Service records

Why Choose Anthony Alan?

Simple…Get the best price for your Rolex watch!

You’ll get paid on the spot in cash or via instant bank transfer to any local bank account. 

We are accredited dealers of luxury goods including Swiss watches, gold, diamonds, and jewellery.

Sell or Buy Rolex Watches

Rolex watches above all other brands hold their value the best in the previously owned luxury timepiece market. 

Purchasing a new Rolex watch can be a very costly exercise and turning to the previously-owned market oftentimes makes more sense not only in barrier to entry but also in investment value over time. 

Rolex is a brand recognised worldwide much in the same way Rolls Royce is considered the pinnacle for vehicles, as the standard in luxury watches. 

For more information contact us today for a free evaluation when you are ready to sell your Rolex watch in Cape Town. 

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